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Endorsed Candidates for the 2020 Primary Election

President of the United States - D

Joseph Biden

Cook County State's Attorney - D

Kim Foxx

Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court - D

P. Scott Neville

Appellate Court - D

Michael Hyman (Neville Vacancy)

Sharon Johnson (Simon Vacancy)

Water Reclamation District Commissioner - D (vote for 3)

Frank Avila

Kimberly duBuclet

Cam Davis

Congress - D

Marie Newman (3rd District)

Danny Davis (7th District)

Craig Morton ((15th District)

Dani Brzozowski (16th District)

State Senator - D

Robert Martwick (10th District)

Robert Peters (13th District)

Monica Gordon (40th District)

Michael Crowner (49th District)

State Representative - D

Nidia Carranza (3rd District)

Jimmy Garfield (12th District)

Denyse Wang Stoneback (16th District)

Lindsey LaPointe (19th District)

Michelle Fadeley (37th District)

Syamala Krishnamsetty (40th District)

Denika McMillen (41st District)

Maggie Trevor (54th District)

Peter Janko (63rd District)

Mohammad Iqbal (65th District)

Emiliano Vera (93rd District)

Circuit Court Judge Countywide - D

Cristin K. McDonald Duffy (Bellows Vacancy)

Aileen Bhandari (Coghlan Vacancy)

Megan Kathleen Mulay (Larsen Vacancy)

Joseph Chico (Mason Vacancy)

Michael O'Malley (McCarthy Vacancy)

Lloyd Brooks (O'Brien Vacancy)

James Patrick Crawley (Roti Vacancy)

Deidre Baumann (C. Sheehan Vacancy)

James Samuel Worley (K. Sheehan Vacancy)

Circuit Court Judge Subcircuits - D

Chelsey Robinson (2nd- Vacancy A)

Eileen Marie O'Connor (6th- Pantle Vacancy)

Owens Shelby (7th- Jackson Vacancy)

Bradley Trowbridge (8th- Fleming Vacancy)

Michael Alan Strom (9th- Luckman Vacancy)

Maire Aileen Dempsey (10th- McGing Vacancy)

Joseph Gump (13th- Hoffman Vacancy)

Chicago Democratic Ward Committeeperson

Juan (Johnny) Elias (30th Ward)

Maggie O'Keefe (40th Ward)

Joe Cook (41st Ward)

Kelly Cassidy (49th Ward)

Halle Quezada (50th Ward)

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