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Policy Pages: Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and Criminal Justice
IVI-IPO supports affirmative action In employment and education, including school desegregation efforts. IVI-IPO supports gay, lesbian and transgender rights, equal marriage, revoking the ban on gays in the military, and amending the federal Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

IVI-IPO opposes racial profiling, censorship, sodomy laws, "stop and frisk" laws, capital punishment and government spying on voluntary, private or9anizatlons, whether civic, social, religious, or political. IVI-IPO opposes legislation that would abrogate civil rights or deny social services to Immigrants. IVI-IPO supports Immigration policies which stress family reunification and provide a path to citizenship.

IVI-IPO opposes drug testing with- out probable cause, but would support ability sobriety testing. IVI-IPO opposes electronic eavesdropping and consensual monitoring for law enforcement purposes without a warrant based on probable cause. IVI-IPO favors gun control and the right of municipalities to ban sales or possession of handguns and assault weapons. IVI-IPO favors repeal of the Patriot Act and passage of the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act.

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