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Policy Pages: Economic Issues

IVI-IPO favors raising the federal income tax rate on higher incomes and taxing dividends and capital gains at the same rate as earned income. IVIIPO supports adoption of a graduated state income tax for Illinois. IVI-IPO favors the use progressive income taxes at the state, county and city levels of government, in lieu of property and other regressive taxes, consistent with the Illinois constitution and home rule authority. IVI-IPO opposes the establishment of TIFs in non-blighted areas. IVI-IPO supports a moratorium on new TIFs in Chicago unless alternative revenue streams are identified to replace the funds lost to the TIF district.

IVI-IPO favors an open and transparent budget process at all levels: city, county, stale, and federal, and opposes proposals to cut spending that do not .specify which programs will be cut. IVI-IPO favors publicly funded programs that prioritize workforce investment benefiting the unemployed, the underemployed, and those no longer eligible for public assistance. IVI-IPO opposes privatization of Social Security. IVI-IPO opposes expansion of casino gambling unless supported by voters in a statewide referendum. IVI-IPO opposes structural adjustment programs (SAPs), whether at home or abroad, because they remove control of the economy from the public and reduce services without regard to need. IVI-IPO endorses the principle of international debt forgiveness to help the world's poorest countries break the cycle of poverty.

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