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Policy Pages: Military and International Issues

IVI-IPO supports the normalization of relations with Cuba. IVI-IPO favors U.S. participation in the International Criminal Court and the international treaty to ban landmines. IVI-IPO opposes fast-track authority to negotiate trade agreements, and opposes NAFTA, CAFTA and any trade agreements that fail to protect workers and the environment. IVI-IPO opposes the Multilateral Agreement on Investment and its implementation in any form, in whole or in part, under the World Trade Organization, or separately.

IVI-IPO opposes the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and military intervention in Iran. IVI-IPO opposes military aid to any country not meeting high standards for human rights. IVI-IPO favors release of all U.S. documents pertaining to past U.S. involvement in Chile, Guatemala, and Honduras. IVI-IPO opposes funding of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation and the National Endowment for Democracy. IVI-IPO opposes increased militarization of the "war on drugs." IVI-IPO supports a stringent code of conduct for weapons transfers, barring shipments to countries that abuse human rights. IVI-IPO favors government divestment of holdings in companies that conduct business with the murderous Sudanese regime.

IVI-IPO opposes authorizing any money for "Star Wars" missile defense systems. IVI-IPO favors expedited agreement on much deeper cuts of nuclear weapon stockpiles and production. Pending a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty, IVI-IPO supports continuing the moratorium on nuclear tests. IVIIPO opposes all "first strike" weapons. IVI-IPO opposes covert military actions. IVI-IPO favors reducing the military budget by 10% each year for five years and favors using the savings for education, social services and other domestic needs. IVI-IPO supports the closing of "terrorist" detention centers and bringing detainees into the judicial system.

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