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31 aldermen voted FOR ECONOMIC JUSTICE in favor of overriding the mayor's veto:

Toni Preckwinkle (4th)
Freddrenna Lyle (6th)
Todd Stroger (8th)
Anthony Beale (9th)
John Pope (10th)
Frank Olivo (13th)
Edward Burke (14th)
Theodore Thomas (15th)
Latasha Thomas (17th)
Thomas Murphy (18th)
Virginia Rugai (19th)
Ricardo Munoz (22nd)
Michael Zalewski (23nd)
Michael Chandler (24th)
Billy Ocasio (26th)
Walter Burnett Jr. (27th)
Ed Smith (28th)
Ariel Reboyras (30th)
Ray Suarez (31st)
Theodore Matlak (32nd)
Richard Mell (33rd)
Rey Colon (35th)
William J.P. Banks (36th)
Thomas Allen (38th)
Margaret Laurino (39th)
Patrick O'Connor (40th)
Brian Doherty (41st)
Patrick Levar (45th)
Eugene Schulter (47th)
Mary Ann Smith (48th)
Joe Moore (49th)


If your alderman is on this list, please call to thank her/him for voting for economic justice

18 aldermen voted against overriding the mayor's veto:

Madeline Haithcock (2nd)
Dorothy Tillman (3rd)
Leslie Hairston (5th)
William Beavers (7th)
James Balcer (11th)
George Cardenas (12th)*
Shirley Coleman (16th)*
Arenda Troutman (20th)
Howard Brookins Jr. (21st)
Daniel Solis (25th)*
Isaac Carothers (29th)
Carrie Austin (34th)
Emma Mitts (37th)
Burton Natarus (42nd)
Vi Daley (43rd)
Thomas Tunney (44th)
Helen Shiller (46th)**
Bernard Stone (50th)

If your alderman is on this list, please call to encourage him/her to vote for the new, more inclusive ordinance, that will be introduced at the next council meeting.

Manuel Flores (1st).

* Aldermen who supported the big-box ordinance in July 26 vote.
** Alderman who didn't vote on July 26.




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