Policies / Issues

The only multi-issue, statewide independent political organization in Illinois, IVI-IPO has led the progressive good government movement here for over 50 years.

Through our National Affairs, Legislative Action and Community Action committees, IVI-IPO drafts legislative proposals and lobbies for passage of progressive legislation in Congress, the Illinois General Assembly, the Chicago City Council, and other governmental bodies.

IVI-IPO's positions on issues are the basis of the annual Best Legislative and Best Aldermanic Voting Record Awards. The following are examples of the issues and legislation favored by the IVI-IPO.


IVI-IPO favors comparable-worth legislation, retention of Title IX protection, and an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the U.S. Constitution. IVI-IPO supports retention of the guarantees of Roe v. Wade and public funding for abortions for indigent women. IVI-IPO opposes consent or notification, waiting periods, restrictions on types or timing of procedures or any other ' abridgement of the right to choose IVI-IPO favors requiring publicly funded medical facilities to provide abortion services and opposes "conscience clauses" that allow pharmacists and medical practitioners to deny legal procedures or products to patients.
IVI-IPO favors the state providing at least 50% of public school funding; opposes reliance on lotteries, casinos, or other gambling to raise revenue for education; favors Local School Council control over Chapter One poverty funds and selection of principals; opposes charter schools and all forms of public aid to non-public primary and secondary education; favors teaching of sex education and birth control instruction in public school favors equitable funding that does not rely upon property taxes.
IVI-IPO supports increasing the minimum wage and opposes "training wages." IVI-IPO favors placing farm workers and household employees under existing labor laws. IVI-IPO favors legislation protecting the rights of day laborers and prohibiting permanent replacement of strikers. IVI-IPO supports "Living Wage" legislation at the federal, state and local levels and favors strengthening the Chicago Jobs and Living Wage Ordinance. IVI-IPO supports family and medical leave legislation. IVI-IPO supports the right to organize and bargain collectively, and favors repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act. IVI-IPO opposes privatization and out-sourcing of government services unless service levels are maintained at a reduced cost without reducing workers' wages and benefits. IVI-IPO supports the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act.
IVI-IPO supports affirmative action In employment and education, including school desegregation efforts. IVI-IPO supports gay, lesbian and transgender rights, equal marriage, revoking the ban on gays in the military, and amending the federal Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. IVI-IPO opposes racial profiling, censorship, sodomy laws, "stop and frisk" laws, capital punishment and government spying on voluntary, private or9anizatlons, whether civic, social, religious, or political. IVI-IPO opposes legislation that would abrogate civil rights or deny social services to Immigrants. IVI-IPO supports Immigration policies which stress family reunification and provide a path to citizenship. IVI-IPO opposes drug testing with- out probable cause, but would support ability sobriety testing. IVI-IPO opposes electronic eavesdropping and consensual monitoring for law enforcement purposes without a warrant based on probable cause. IVI-IPO favors gun control and the right of municipalities to ban sales or possession of handguns and assault weapons. IVI-IPO favors repeal of the Patriot Act and passage of the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act.
IVI-IPO supports a national energy policy stressing environmentally safe and renewable sources, control of toxic substances and toxic landfills, and more money for the EPA's Superfund. IVI-IPO favors strong enforcement powers for the U.S. and Illinois EPA, land use legislation, protection of water resources, increased funding for the operation and extension of the national park and wilderness systems and monuments, and mandatory recycling. IVI-IPO is opposed to expansion of nuclear energy.
IVI-IPO favors pro-consumer legislation including unit pricing, open dating and product labeling to disclose pesticide and genetic modification or engineering; the creation of a State Consumer Advocate; and regulation of insurance rates. IVI-IPO favors federal and stale caps on interest rates and banning Pay Day loans. IVI-IPO favors increased funding for mass transit, including the RTA and AMTRAK, public ownership and operation, and development of high-speed rail. IVI-IPO favors stronger regulation of utilities, and lifeline, lower rates for low-usage residential consumers.
IVI-IPO favors public financing of election campaigns, abolition of PAC and "soft money" contributions, complete disclosure of party finances and lobbyists' expenditures, and prohibition of conflicts of interest by elected officials. IVI-IPO opposes solicitation of campaign contributions from public employees and favors a ban on campaign contributions from vendors and contractors. IVI-IPO opposes patronage and "double-dipping." IVI-IPO supports broadening the Open Meetings Act and strengthening the Freedom of Information Act. IVI-IPO favors secrecy of voter party preference within an open primary and moving the primary to Mayor June. IVI-IPO supports equal ballot access for independents and minor parties and opposes higher signature thresholds and different filing times than are required for Democrats and Republicans. IVI-IPO supports the restoration of cumulative voting for the election of the Illinois House of Representatives and the institution of instant runoff voting in Illinois. IVI-IPO favors a seat for independents on the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners. IVI-IPO supports appointment of one independent judge of election per precinct, to be appointed by the election officials. IVI-IPO favors merit selection of judges with retention of sub circuits in Cook County. IVI-IPO supports District of Columbia statehood.
IVI-IPO favors raising the federal income tax rate on higher incomes and taxing dividends and capital gains at the same rate as earned income. IVIIPO supports adoption of a graduated state income tax for Illinois. IVI-IPO favors the use progressive income taxes at the state, county and city levels of government, in lieu of property and other regressive taxes, consistent with the Illinois constitution and home rule authority. IVI-IPO opposes the establishment of TIFs in non-blighted areas. IVI-IPO supports a moratorium on new TIFs in Chicago unless alternative revenue streams are identified to replace the funds lost to the TIF district. IVI-IPO favors an open and transparent budget process at all levels: city, county, stale, and federal, and opposes proposals to cut spending that do not .specify which programs will be cut. IVI-IPO favors publicly funded programs that prioritize workforce investment benefiting the unemployed, the underemployed, and those no longer eligible for public assistance. IVI-IPO opposes privatization of Social Security. IVI-IPO opposes expansion of casino gambling unless supported by voters in a statewide referendum. IVI-IPO opposes structural adjustment programs (SAPs), whether at home or abroad, because they remove control of the economy from the public and reduce services without regard to need. IVI-IPO endorses the principle of international debt forgiveness to help the world's poorest countries break the cycle of poverty.
IVI-IPO favors a universal, single-payer health plan. IVI-IPO favors increased funding for AIDS research, education, voluntary and confidential testing, and patient care. IVI-IPO favors funding for child daycare, job training, transportation and other services to help workers find and keep jobs. IVIIPO favors mandatory cost of living increases for public aid recipients, increased accessibility of food stamps and greater state responsibility for housing the homeless. IVI-IPO supports a federally funded public housing system for those at or below the poverty level, creation of a national Public Housing Trust Fund and legislation at all levels of government prohibiting discrimination based on source of income. IVI-IPO opposes demolition of existing public housing units without new or rehabilitated replacement housing on a one-for-one basis. IVI-IPO supports inclusionary zoning to mandate set-asides for affordable housing in new developments as defined by local median income. IVI-IPO favors state and municipal legislation to protect tenants' rights
IVI-IPO supports the normalization of relations with Cuba. IVI-IPO favors U.S. participation in the International Criminal Court and the international treaty to ban landmines. IVI-IPO opposes fast-track authority to negotiate trade agreements, and opposes NAFTA, CAFTA and any trade agreements that fail to protect workers and the environment. IVI-IPO opposes the Multilateral Agreement on Investment and its implementation in any form, in whole or in part, under the World Trade Organization, or separately. IVI-IPO opposes the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and military intervention in Iran. IVI-IPO opposes military aid to any country not meeting high standards for human rights. IVI-IPO favors release of all U.S. documents pertaining to past U.S. involvement in Chile, Guatemala, and Honduras. IVI-IPO opposes funding of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation and the National Endowment for Democracy. IVI-IPO opposes increased militarization of the "war on drugs." IVI-IPO supports a stringent code of conduct for weapons transfers, barring shipments to countries that abuse human rights. IVI-IPO favors government divestment of holdings in companies that conduct business with the murderous Sudanese regime. IVI-IPO opposes authorizing any money for "Star Wars" missile defense systems. IVI-IPO favors expedited agreement on much deeper cuts of nuclear weapon stockpiles and production. Pending a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty, IVI-IPO supports continuing the moratorium on nuclear tests. IVIIPO opposes all "first strike" weapons. IVI-IPO opposes covert military actions. IVI-IPO favors reducing the military budget by 10% each year for five years and favors using the savings for education, social services and other domestic needs. IVI-IPO supports the closing of "terrorist" detention centers and bringing detainees into the judicial system.