Message From the State Chair

Lessons In Civility

Why did you join the Independent Voters of Illinois - Independent Precinct Organization (IVI-IPO)?

When I joined it was because I totally embraced IVI-IPO’s mission of independence by supporting candidates and issues that demand good government through accountability and transparency. Our mission especially resonates in these turbulent times when public discourse has become polluted with political falsehoods and disrespectful discourse.

The U.S. has always struggled with the two conflicting views in our society. Externally, our image has led the world on human rights, scientific advances, and business innovation. Internally, we suffer from racism, classism, gender discrimination, and any other “ism” that can come to mind. These conflicts exist at every American institutional level from universities to police departments to corporations to even the White House.

The IVI-IPO works to promote healing, honesty, and progress in our nation—and I joined to further those ideals.

Another reason why I joined IVI-IPO was it is the oldest multi-partisan political organization in Illinois. As a cadet at Marmion Military Academy in Aurora, Illinois, I learned from my conservative classmates about their point of view on social issues and fiscal policies. I learned to have a civil discussion without resulting in calling each other names nor fistacuffs is mature and intelligent.

We all need to learn lessons in civility. I’m not one of those “tree-huggin’ liberals'' who believes all conservatives are destined to go to hell. I try to look at a person’s perspective before dismissing their request. Government needs to solve problems, not create more obstacles for individuals, families, and communities.

There was a time when Democrats and Republicans strived to put our citizens and their issues first. The IVI-IPO used to work with Republicans who worked with us around government accountability and transparency. We need to reach out to independent-minded Republicans in these surreal times. To effectively and thoroughly improve the quality of the lives of our citizens, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, and Independents need a seat at the public discourse table.

IVI-IPO wants every level of government to work for our citizens and residents. We need social reform! We need to end voter suppression! We need to vote in candidates who believe in accountability and transparency.

This is our annual October IVI-IPO membership drive appeal. We need you to renew your membership. We need you, personally, to recruit one of your family members or friends or colleagues to join IVI-IPO today.

This is the link to the membership form on our website:

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you to achieve a better government and a better society, for all of us.

Warm Regards,
Josef Michael Carr, MBA
State Chair IVI-IPO